Bitcoin Payment Guide

Bitcoin is the currency of the future. With every passing day, more and more people are turning towards bitcoins for their online payments.

We recommend almost all our customers to pay with Bitcoins for their order because it is the most discreet payment option available.

If you are even the least bit affiliated with the online world than you surely know about the popularity of Bitcoins & other cryptocurrencies.

The only problem that people face with cryptocurrencies is about their purchase and usage for different payments online.

To help people in buying and using cryptocurrencies we have formulated this short guide which will enable almost anyone to buy bitcoins.

There are many different online exchanges that are selling bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, but our recommendation is Coinbase.


Setting Up A Coinbase Account For Payments is one of the biggest online exchanges in the US from which you can buy bitcoins.

The buying process is pretty easy and you can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Signup

Click Here to setup your Coinbase account.

You will need to fill in the basic details in the form shown below.

Coinbase Signup 1

Step 2: Phone Verification

You will need to verify your phone number through the form below in the next step.

You will get a code on your phone that you will need to enter on the next screen as shown below.


Step 3: Account Verifications & Payment Method

After the above step, you will be taken to your Coinbase account. Now click on the profile image in the top right corner to complete your account.

In certain cases, you might be asked to provide identity verification documents as per local State laws to complete the account Setup.

Now there should be a drop-down menu where you can click “Settings”.

Then click “Payment Methods” on the menu at the top and you should see something that looks like this:

Step 4: Adding Credit Card

From the screen above once you Click the Add Payment Method you will see the screen below, you just need to select the Credit/Debit Card option.

Note: PayPal payments for coinbase are supported in limited States only.

Step 5: Adding Credit Card

Now you will see the screen shown below, where you will need to enter your Credit Card details.

Once you have entered the details and proceeded you will see a confirmation screen shown below.

Depending on your Credit/Debit card you, there will be a set limit of bitcoins that you can purchase in a day.

Step 6: Buying Bitcoins

From the dashboard click the Buy/Sell tab.

After you will have the below screen in front of you.

Enter the amount of Bitcoins in the US Dollars that you wish to purchase in the USD section at the top and Click the Buy Bitcoin Instantly button at the bottom.

The Bitcoins will be loaded to your coinbase account instantly and you will be ready for the payment.

Step 7: Making The Payment

Now you will need to click on the Accounts tab on the top menu as shown below.

Next you will see your Bitcoin account balance as shown below and you can use to pay for your order.

Now all you need to do is Click the Send button to open the screen shown below.

The BTC Address will be provided by our representatives.

In the Amount section, you will need to enter the amount of your order total and click the Continue button.

This will be the final process and you are done with the payment.


You can also use this guide to invest in Bitcoins as there are millions of people making thousands of dollars by investing in Cryptocurrencies.

If you face any problem, feel free to contact us through Live Chat or email us at [email protected]


Note: The account Setup process may be a little different depending on your State/Region/Country.