Handy Guide For Oxycontin Users

Handy Guide For Oxycontin Users

Oxycontin Users are the ones most prone to its addiction. Oxycontin belongs to the synthetic class of drugs and is a pain reliever used for moderate to severe pain by people who have cancer, arthritis, injuries, and other serious health conditions.

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic is alcohol or morphine or idealism” Carl Jung.

It was first approved in December 2005, but by August 2010, the manufacturer stopped distributing it because of the high abuse rate. About 46 painkiller-involved deaths occur every day in the US (ASAM) and according to the US Department of Justice about 9% adults abuse oxycodone. This is not only common in adults. A survey conducted by ASAM in 2015 shows that about 1 in 30 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 has abused OxyContin at some point.

This drug is prescribed according to a proper pain management plans to minimize the risk of addiction because research shows that oxycontin is highly addictive. The dosage is based on the patient’s medical condition and response to treatment. Patients who eat it according to the prescriptions might develop some physical dependence on it but it is safe as long as there is no abuse. There is a fine line between physical dependence and psychological addiction and although there are no specific details about a person getting addicted, there are certain common symptoms that the doctor must look out for such as psychoactive effects or behavioral signs of addiction.


Oxycontin abusers are show signs of mood swings, depression, anxiety, and unconsciousness. As soon as the doctor gets even the slightest indication of abuse he stops the prescription.

Although the patients may complain about suffering from muscle aches, insomnia, tearing, sweating, anxiety, diarrhea, agitation and dilated pupils but these go away with time. Every addiction, no matter what it is, is the result of trying to escape from something by going in the direction of a need that is currently not being met. In order to move past our addiction, we have to figure out what we are trying to use our addiction to get away from and what need we are trying to use our addiction to meet (Teal Swan).


The abuse of any drug can have disastrous effects and it is same in case of oxycontin. Psychologists have reported that most addicts suffer from depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. There are grave side effects and although it has helped many people in relieving pain still the rate of people dying from an overdose of it is increasing at an alarming rate. The effects have an impact on every aspect of the addict’s life and there is high chance that he may never be able to recover. Some social effects include the addict being left homeless and broke. It deeply affects the addict’s inter-personal relations and it leads to domestic violence and child abuse and it results in divorce.

A recent survey shows that a large number of divorces are filed by spouses of drug addicts so in turn it is not only affecting the life of an addict and his family but it is also affecting the whole marriage system. If your loved ones are acting differently and his behavior changes unexpectedly to the point where you no longer recognize them then it’s a warning sign and most likely, drug abuse might be the cause. Apart from the social problems, there are also grave biological effects that cannot be ignored. The addict suffers from liver damage, complains about breathing irregularity. There is also a chance of respiratory failures, seizures, myocardial infarction and in the most severe cases, it leads to coma or death.


Although there are slim chances of recovery from the abuse the withdrawal of oxycontin must be done according to proper medical procedures in rehabs. To prevent withdrawal reactions reduce the dosage gradually. It might take some time but the recovery would be worth it.

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